The latest Humble Bundle on sale for a limited time offers a massive library of royalty-free music and sounds for content creators. With over 15,000 soundtracks, sound effects, and samples covering more than 15 electronic music genres, this collection is a solid pickup for video editors, game designers, YouTubers, streamers, and more. This pack also includes 10 pro-quality audio effect plugins which can expand the skills of voice actors and roleplayers. If you’re a Twitch streamer, consider picking up this bundle to add fun sound effects to your stream, new alert sounds, and background music.

Humble royalty-free music and sound effects bundle

Royalty-free music and sound effects are a must if you’re a content creator. DMCAs and copyright claims are no fun- they can block your videos from getting monetized or even viewed at all. DMCAs can also cause your account to get penalized by the platform you’re posting on. Keep your career safe by using only DMCA safe music in your videos and livestreams.

The Humble royalty-free EDM bundle features genres like Mandala, Reggaeton, Lofi Hip Hop, Dubstep Fury, and more. It also includes 1,300+ MIDI and presets to help you build a soundscape environment.

Expanding your collection of royalty-free music is always a good option, especially when it comes at a steal. This 100% royalty-free sounds and pro-quality preset collection is available for just $25 and for a limited time- the sale expires July 7th.

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