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While playing copyright music has never been okay on Twitch, it’s also been lightly enforced (Twitch claims that before 2020, less than 50 DMCA claims were made a year). With Twitch’s exponential rise in popularity, the music industry has taken notice of the rampant copyright infringements occurring on the platform. They’ve called for Twitch to respond, to negotiate a solution for having copyright music in streams. With no deal in place, automated crawlers have been scanning creator’s VoDs, highlights, and clips for copyright music and as a result, a dramatic increase in the number of DMCA claims have been sent to Twitch to act on.

The situation has left Twitch and its streamers scrambling to adjust their content, manage their past videos, and learn about the entangled web of music licensing, copyright law, and content creation.

What should streamers do?

The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to get educated on the subject. That’s where we come in.

Stop playing copyright music and music you don’t own the license to immediately. 

If you have any concern for your past content, you should delete any VoDs, clips, and highlights that could leave you vulnerable to a DMCA in the future. Just because you’re not getting DMCA’d for past content now doesn’t mean it won’t happen at some point.

Twitch VOD and Clip management tools

Because you can receive a DMCA for some in-game music, review the rules for games you’ve streamed. If you have a lot of old content on your channel, it’s recommended to delete them unless you’re certain you have permission for in-game music.

How to determine if my game is safe to stream:
Use our In-Game Music Database.

Check out our News and Resources for more information.

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